Auscultation. Heart and Lung Sounds Training and Reference Guides

Welcome to our free auscultation training and reference website. The auscultation courses feature audio, waveforms, animations, text and quizzes. The heart and lung sound reference guides provide ready access to over 160 real and simulated auscultations along with listening tips and waveforms. Our team of physicians and course developers has extensive experience in teaching and in publishing training products for Lippincott, Prentice-Hall, Challenger and Littmann.

Heart Sounds

Our cardiac auscultation courses cover over 65 abnormalities including heart murmurs, third (S3) and fourth (S4) heart sounds and congenital conditions.  Our reference guides provides quick access to real and simulated heart and breath sounds.

Normal Heart Sounds
First Heart Sounds
Second Heart Sounds
Extra Heart Sounds (S3 and S4)
Systolic Murmurs
Diastolic Murmurs
Complex Conditions
Congenital Abnormalities
Cardiac Conditions Associated with Sudden Death
Heart Sounds in Primary Care
Auscultation Repetition Training
Heart Murmurs Overview

Lung Sounds

We offer two lung sounds courses and a reference library. The courses present several forms of rales, rhonchi and other adventitious lung sounds. The reference guide offers breath sounds along with their corresponding waveforms.
Basics of Lung Sounds
Intermediate Lung Sounds

Blood Pressure

Try our new blood pressure measurement module. We use an innovative blood pressure simulator and case studies for practicing taking blood pressure. Also available are drills focused on measuring blood pressure in children and adolescents.

Blood Pressure Module

Auscultation Reference Guide

Over 100 heart and lung sounds. Each sound has a page with audio, full and half-speed playback, listening tips and waveform display. Heart and Lung Sounds Reference Guide

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iPhone & iPad

Smartphones: Try the new mobile auscultation guides and lessons available at Practical Clinical Skills.

iPads: and for iPads, we provide these courses: 1) Taking Blood Pressure, 2) Carotid Bruit and 3) Hypertension Management.

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