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Heart Sounds

Learn basic to advanced heart sounds using our courses, reference guides and quizzes. Over 65 abnormalities are covered.

Lung Sounds

Improve your recognition of lung sounds through our two courses and reference guide. Use our interactive quizzes to evaluate your auscultation skills.

Blood Pressure

Our innovative blood pressure cuff simulator is great for practicing taking blood pressure. Over twenty cases are available.

More Resources

Practice Quiz

Quickly assess your auscultation skills. Instant feedback and tutoring for each sound.

Carotid & Abdominal

Learn carotid bruit and abdominal sounds. Hosted by Practical Clinical Skills website.

Heart Murmurs

A quick introduction to heart murmurs with links to our courses.

Pulmonary Problems

Explore respiratory problems with over twenty cases on the Practical Clinical Skills website.

Welcome To Easy Auscultation


Welcome to our updated auscultation training website. We have added tablet support and improved the site's layout. Our team of physicians and course developers, with experience in publishing textbooks and CDs for Lippencott, Pearson, Challenger and Littmann, continues to create new content for auscultation and taking blood pressure. Thanks for using our site.

Quick Guides

auscultation library A library of heart and lung sounds with listening guide.