Extra Heart Sounds (S3 and S4) Auscultation Course
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Extra Heart Sounds (S3 and S4)

This course will teach you about auscultation of the third and fourth heart sounds. Before you take this course you should have finished the Normal, First, and Second Heart Sound courses. You should feel comfortable with the material presented. 

iPad edition of Extra Heart Sounds (S3 and S4) is available on the Practical Clinical Skills web site (www.practicalclinicalskills.com).

Please use good quality headphones or earphones.

How To Use Course Lessons

Each lesson consists of multiple pages: text description with audio recording and  dynamic waveform pages. Some lessons include a cardiac animation and exercises pages. To view these lesson pages, use the tabs which appear above each lesson's content.
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After completing a lesson, use the blue arrows to view the next lesson. Lessons can also be accessed by using the Table of Contents found in the left margin.

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This course is intended for trained medical professionals. If you require medical help, please contact your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.