Auscultation of Heart Introduction

This website provides auscultation training & quizzes. The auscultation of heart courses include text, audio, waveforms and animations.

Auscultation Definition

Auscultation of heart is the clinical procedure of listening to cardiac sounds.

auscultation of heart image

Heart Murmurs and Sounds

Auscultation of heart may reveal murmurs which are related to heart valve abnormalities. Heart sounds can indicate congenital heart problems, myocarditis or pericardial friction rub. Our courses on heart sounds are listed below.

First Heart Sounds
Second Heart Sounds
Extra Heart Sounds
Systolic Murmurs
Diastolic Murmurs
Complex Conditions
Congenital Abnormalities
Cardiac Conditions Associated With Sudden Death
Auscultation in Primary Care
Heart & Lung Sounds Reference Guide

Heart Sounds - Extended

Auscultation of heart can include listening for carotid bruit. A course with cases and quizzes for carotid bruit is available from a cooperative website (
Abdominal Sounds
Carotid Bruit