Crackles - High Pitched (Rales)

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Heart and Lung Sounds Reference Guide


Listening Tips
Brief, popping sounds that are high-pitched. Fine crackles are similar to wood burning in a fireplace. Crackles are more commonly heard during inspiration.

Relevant Courses

If you wish to review training and reference materials regarding Crackles - High Pitched (Rales), we provide complete lessons. The lesson modules(s) listed below may be useful. Each lesson includes text that explains the auscultatory sound and its clinical significance. The lesson also includes an audio track for playback. A waveform provides a great way to visualize the sounds. Finally, we also include an animation video. For heart sounds, the video illustrates heart muscle and valve movements along with blood flow. For lung sounds, the primary source of the sounds can be seen. Each module also includes a quiz. A passing quiz score is require for earning a course certificate of achievement.