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Crackles - Early Inspiratory (Rales) | #148

Early inspiratory crackles (rales), as suggested by the title, begin and end during the early part of inspiration. The pitch is lower than late inspiratory crackles. A patient's cough may decrease or clear these lung sounds. Early inspiratory crackles suggest decreased FEV1 capacity and are characteristic of COPD.

Auscultation Sounds

auscultation sound from lesson

Patient Recording

patient heart or lung sound
Crackles - Early Inspiratory (Rales)

Patient Recording - Half Speed

patient heart or lung sound
Crackles - Early Inspiratory (Rales)


Patient position
The patient's position should be sitting.

Listening Tips

Features:Occur early in inspiration. Can be lower-pitched than late inspiratory crackles. Coughing may decrease or clear these crackles

Waveform (Phonocardiogram)

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Crackles - Early Inspiratory (Rales) | #148
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