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Rhonchi - low-pitched Wheezes

Low-pitched wheezes (rhonchi) are continuous, both inspiratory and expiratory, low-pitched adventitious lung sounds that are similar to wheezes. They often have a snoring, gurgling or rattle-like quality. Rhonchi occur in the bronchi. Sounds defined as rhonchi are heard in the chest wall where bronchi occur, not over any alveoli. Rhonchi usually clear after coughing.

Auscultation Sounds

auscultation sound from lesson

Patient Recording

patient heart or lung sound
Rhonchi - low-pitched Wheezes

Patient Recording - Half Speed

patient heart or lung sound
Rhonchi - low-pitched Wheezes


Patient position
The patient's position should be seated.

Listening Tips

Features:Rhonchi are continuous, low-pitched sounds with a gurgling, snoring or rattle-like quality. More common during expiration

Waveform (Phonocardiogram)

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