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Medical Dictionary: j

jaundiceYellowing of the skin and eyes due to excessive bilirubin in body
jawBony structure of the mouth consisting of the mandible and the maxilla.
jealousFearful of the loss of affection or position.
jejun/ojejunum (second part of the small intestines)
jejunalPertaining to the jejunum
jejunumPart of the small intestine, connecting the duodenum to the ileum.
jerkA sudden involuntary movement.
JODjuvenile onset diabetes
joint capsuleThe sac surrounding a joint. It is composed of an outer fibrous articular capsule and an inner synovial membrane.
jointsThe points of connection between the ends of certain bones. Also known as articulations
JRAjuvenile rheumatoid arthritis
jugular veinsLarge veins in the neck which return blood from the brain, face, and neck to the heart. Each side of the neck has two jugular veins, external and internal.
juxta-near, close
JVDjugular venous distention
JVPjugular venous pulse

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