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Medical Dictionary For: w

w/v.weight in volume
wartBenign epidermal growth.
WBCwhite blood cell; white blood count
wealA bump raised on the skin caused by a lash or blow.
weaningThe replacement of mother's milk in the diet of a young child with other food.
whealA small swelling on the skin, as from an insect bite, that usually itches
wheezeAdventitious lung sounds that are continuous with a musical quality. They can be high or low pitched.
wheyThe liquid components of milk that remain after the casein, fat, and fat soluble components have been removed.
white coat hypertensionPhenomenon where blood pressure readings are elevated only when taken in clinical settings.
white matterThe region of central nervous system that appears lighter in color than the other type, gray matter. it mainly consists of myelinated nerve fibers and contains few neuronal cell bodies or dendrites.
WHOWorld Health Organization
whooping coughA respiratory infection caused by Bordetella pertussis and characterized by paroxysmal coughing ending in a prolonged crowing intake of breath.
WNLwithin normal limits
WOPwithout pain
WPWWolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

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