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Clinical practice drives medical training. Our focus is on skills practice and quizzes, providing a useful supplement to classroom and clinical education.

Our auscultation education experience began in 2003 when we created the Littmann Heart and Lung Sound CDs, with over 220,000 CDs sold. We also created a highly innovative heart sound simulation software package, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. We now emphasize web-based training for desktops, laptops and smartphones.


Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available on EasyAuscultation.com for patient and healthcare professionals relevant products and services.

Our Publications

Our authors & developers have written multiple clinical skills books, CDs and mobile apps, including:
  • The Virtual Cardiac Patient: A Multimedia Guide to Heart Sounds and Murmurs, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ISBN: 0781784425
  • Introduction to Heart Sounds CD, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: 707387565947
  • Prentice Hall Heart and Lung Sounds, Workbook and CD, Publisher: Pearson, ISBN: 9780131949003
  • SoundBuilder for Heart Sounds - iPhone App, Publisher: 3M Littmann
  • Learning Lung Sounds CD, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: 00707387565930
  • Prentice Hall Heart and Lung Sounds Workbook and CD, Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780131949003
  • Learning Lung Sounds - Web Site Edition, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: Apple App Store (free)
  • Case Profiles in Respiratory Care, Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning, ISBN: 0766807770

Website Contributors

  • Dr Jon Keroes, Cardiologist
  • David Lieberman, Cardiac Simulation Software Engineer
  • Dr Barbara Erickson, Heart Sounds Educator/Author
  • Diane Wrigley, Physician Assistant, Author and Nursing Educator
  • William French, Author, Reviewer & Nursing Educator
  • Tom O'Brien, Author and Educator

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