Aortic Sclerosis


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What is aortic sclerosis?

Aortic valve sclerosis is a thickening or stiffening of the aortic valve without blood flow restriction. Its frequency of occurrence rises with age.

Aortic Sclerosis Auscultation

This is a loud murmur early in systole. It has a diamond shaped appearance when viewed on a phonocardiogram. The murmur is characterized by regular vibrations which give the murmur a musical quality ("cooing"). It is caused by turbulent blood flow into the aorta. S1 and S2 are normal. Diastole is silent. While aortic sclerosis can be detected by auscultation, echocardiography is often a better diagnostic method.

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aortic sclerosis phonocardiogram

Listening Tips
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Systole: Diamond shaped, musical murmur, early systole. Often loud.

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