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Welcome to the aortic stenosis murmur page. On this page we provide a definition, sample heart sounds and links to the training lessons available on this site.

What is an aortic stenosis murmur?

Aortic stenosis murmurs are sounds produced by turbulent blood flow through a narrowed aortic value.

Aortic Stenosis Murmur Diagnosis

Aortic stenosis is commonly diagnosed using a stethoscope (see discussion below), EKG, echocardiogram, chest x-ray, MRI or heart catheterization.

Aortic Stenosis Murmur Auscultation

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In the case below, during early systole there is an aortic ejection click followed by a diamond shaped systolic murmur which ends mid-way through systole. It is a mid-frequency murmur. As the condition worsens the murmur frequency increases. The first heart sound is normal. The second heart sound is physiologically split. The aortic component of the second heart sound is louder than normal.


aortic stenosis murmur waveform

Listening Tips
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Systole: Click, then early diamond shaped murmur.

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