Atrial Septal Defect


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What is atrial septal defect?

Atrial septal defect is a congenital heart abnormality where the septum (wall between the atria) has a hole. Atrial Septal Defect is a congenital condition associated with abnormal blood flow between the left atrium and the right atrium. Before birth there is a large connection between right and left atria. During development of the fetus the connection gradually disappears. However, in some cases the opening persists and is known as an atrial septal defect.

Heart Sounds Recordings

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Listen to the simulated recording below. This is an atrial septal defect as heard at the pulmonic position. Both the first and second heart sounds are split. The second heart sound splitting is fixed at 80 milliseconds. There is a brief diamond shaped murmur in early systole and another brief diamond shaped murmur in early diastole.

Following the simulated auscultation, there is a patient recording for review.



Listening Tips
layout image
Systole: Diamond shaped, brief, early murmur.
S2: Fixed splitting.
Diastole: Diamond shaped, brief, early murmur.

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