Auscultation of Lungs

Our website provides auscultation of lungs training & quizzes. Our courses feature an integrated multimedia approach with audio, text, waveforms and anatomical illustrations.

Auscultation of Lungs Defined

Auscultation of lungs is the clinical procedure for listening to lung sounds, usually with a stethoscope. Cardiac sounds, bowel sounds and carotid artery bruit may also be auscultated.

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Auscultation of Lungs - Types

Auscultation of lungs may reveal sounds such as wheezes, rales and rhonchi. Voiced breath sounds can also be auscultated. Our auscultation courses cover basic and intermediate levels.

Basics of Lung Sounds
Intermediate Lung Sounds
Lung Sounds/Breath Sounds Reference Guide

Respiratory Care

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