Bronchial Breath Sounds Introduction

Welcome to our website's bronchial breath sounds page. On this page we provide a definition of bronchial breath sounds, then compare bronchial sounds to vesicular sounds using audio recordings and text. Finally, there is a link to the training lessons available on this site.

What Are Bronchial Breath Sounds?

Bronchial breath sounds are tubular, hollow sounds which are heard when auscultating over the large airways (e.g. second and third intercostal spaces). They will be louder and higher-pitched than vesicular breath sounds.

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Bronchial vs Vesicular

Compare bronchial to vesicular breath sounds.


Listen to this bronchial breath sounds audio recording.


Listen to this vesicular recording.

Bronchial Breath Sound Guide

Our auscultation guide provides information and examples of bronchial sounds. The guide pages provide waveforms with a moving cursor that is synchronized to the audio recording. In addition, listening tips are available.

Bronchial Breath Sounds Lessons

We have a lessons on bronchial breath sounds are available in our Lung Sounds courses. We suggest taking the full course (about 15 minutes), but the lessons can be used without the full course.
Basics of Lung Sounds