Second Heart Sounds

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This course will teach you about the second heart sound. Before you take this course you should have finished the Normal Heart Sound and First Heart Sound courses. You should feel comfortable with the material presented. 

Please use good quality headphones or earphones. Computer or phone speakers often fail to reproduce some heart sounds.

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How To Use Course Lessons

Each lesson within a course consists of text describing the heart or lung abnormality. A torso illustration indicates the stethoscope chestpiece location. Audio recording of the sound is provided. These sounds loop in playback so that the user can learn to recognize that sound. Phonocardiograms or lung sound waveforms are included with each lesson. These waveforms can be a highly useful aid in learning to recognize heart murmurs. In addition, short videos illustrate the heart's motion for each abnormality. These animations indicates the origin of each murmur. Blood flow is also animated. For lung sounds, the source (location) of the sound can be revealed.

After completing a lesson, use the blue arrows to view the next lesson. Lessons can also be accessed by links within the table of contents.

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When all lessons have been completed, we recommend using the Practice Drill. These practice drills are also required to earn a module certificate of achievement. In order to gain a certificate of achievement, please complete the course lessons and practice drill during one session. Most users complete the coure's lessons and drill in 30-45 minutes.

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Heart and Lung Sound Authors: Dr. Jonathan Keroes, MD, Cardiologist (ret.), Diane Wrigley , Physician Assistant and national educator for continuing education, David Lieberman, Heart Sound Simulation Engineer. Review by Dr. Barbara Erickson, Author and Editor