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Innocent Murmur Page


Welcome to the innocent murmur page. On this page we provide a definition, sample heart sounds and links to the training lessons available on this site.

What is an Innocent Murmur?

Innocent murmurs are not caused by heart problems. They are common in children and often disappear by adulthood. An innocent murmur is also called a functional or a physiologic murmur.

Innocent Murmur Diagnosis

Innocent murmurs are often first identified during a physical exam with auscultation (see below). In some cases, EKG and/or echocardiography will be part of the evaluation.

Innocent Murmur Heart Sounds Auscultation

The recording below is a simulated innocent murmur. This type of murmur is seen with non-cardiac conditions such as pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, exercise and anemia. When these are treated appropriately the systolic murmur disappears. The murmur is heard in early systole, is of short duration and has a frequency range of 120 hz to 250 hz. It is best auscultated in the pulmonic area and increases in intensity with inspiration. It can be heard with either the bell or diaphragm. In this example S1 and S2 are normal. Diastole is silent. The short duration and mid-range frequency characterize an innocent murmur.


Listening Tips
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Systole: Early, short duration murmur, increases with inspiration.

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