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Access to the content described on this page is completely free for students and instructors. Just follow the links. Optionally, we provide paid plans that included progress tracking across user sessons. Instructors can track student progress and quiz scores using a special instructor dashboard page.

The content described below includes heart and lung sounds, taking blood pressure, medical terminology and also links to free EKG training on EKG.Academy.

We plan to make significant additions to these classroom resources. So please bookmark and return!

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Heart and Lung Sounds

Learn to auscultate heart and lung sounds. These modules cover both normal and abnormal sounds.

Normal Heart Sounds

We present normal first and second heart sounds, split first and second heart sounds, third heart sounds, innocent murmurs and exercise related fast heart sounds.

Normal Heart Sounds

First Heart Sounds

This course will teach you about first heart sound auscultation. Before you take this course you should have finished the Normal Heart Sounds course and feel comfortable with your ability to listen and recognize normal heart sounds.

First Heart Sounds

Second Heart Sounds

This course will teach you about the second heart sound. Before you take this course you should have finished the Normal Heart Sound and First Heart Sound courses. You should feel comfortable with the material presented.

Second Heart Sounds

Basics of Lung Sounds

We focus on describing eight key lung sounds with text and audio.

Basics of Lung Sounds

Auscultation Quizzes

Students can take and retake these auscultation quizzes at any time.
General Heart Sounds
Basic Lung Sounds

Taking Blood Pressure

Quickly learn to take blood pressure and then practice on our virtual patients.


The basic principles of a sphygmomanometer and its use.

BP Overview

How to Take BP

Methods and precautions for taking blood pressure manually.

How to Take BP

Taking Blood Pressure Practice

Using our simulated blood pressure cuff, students observe the dial while listening and then enter pressure readings. Immediate feedback is provided.

Practice Drill

Medical Terminology

Medical Dictionary

A quick reference for medical terms and word parts. Lists by body system as well as alphabetic access.

Medical Dictionary

Medical Word Parts

Our concise summary of essential medical prefixes, suffixes and combining forms.

Medical Word Parts


Free EKG training is available from Practical Clinical Skills website. This includes several training modules. Each of these modules includes lecture materials as well as interactive exercises within the lessons. Most modules include an ECG rhythm quiz. Users have the option of using a dashboard to track module completion and quiz results.

EKG Basics

Learn the basics of EKGs terminology and interpretation. An entry-level quiz provides practice drills for EKG analysis.

EKG Basics

Rhythm Interpretation

Learn the fundamental concepts and methods for EKG interpretation. Interactive questions and answers are available throughout the module.

EKG Interpretation

Sinus Rhythms

Learn about important EKG morphologic features. Practice drills are available within the module and a quiz concludes the course.

Sinus Rhythms

EKG Daily Drill

Practice EKG interpretation with our daily dose of three tracings. Hosted by our sister website,

Daily EKG Drill

Basic Test

Students tested on normal sinus rhythm, sinus tachycardia, sinus bradycardia, sinus arrhythmia and asystole

5 Questions

Second Test

Students tested using Basic Test plus these additional tracings: ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, junctional escape rhythm, pacemaker rhythm and premature ventricular complex.

10 Questions

Progress Tracking

Access to our free content does not require that students or instructors register. But if they setup a free account, each person gets progress tracking on a personalized dashboard. Instructors can monitor student progress and quiz scores. Students are able to control who sees their progress and scores.

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