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Mitral Valve Prolapse

What is Mitral Valve Prolapse?

Mitral valve prolapse is a condition wherein the valve leaflets bulges back into the the left atrium. In some patients, this prolapse can result in blood leaking back into the atrium.


Diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse may begin with auscultation (see below) and then echocardiography.


This is an animated example of Mitral Valve Leaflet Prolapse. You should observe the blood flowing through the heart valves and hear the associated heart murmur sounds.

Auscultation of Mitral Valve Prolapse Heart Murmurs

The playback buttons below can be used to listen to both a simulated MVP heart sound as well as a patient recording. A mid-systolic click is followed by a late systolic diamond shaped murmur. There is also a patient recording of Mitral Valve Prolapse.

mitral valve prolapse

Listening Tips
layout image
Systole: Click then late systolic diamond shaped murmur.

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