Second Heart Sound Page

Welcome to the second heart sound page. On this page we provide a descriptions, audio examples and links to lessons available on this site.

What is the Second Heart Sound?

The second heart sound is created when the aortic valve and pulmonic valve close. The second heart sound occurs at the beginning of diastole. It may have two audible components caused by the separated (in time) closing of the aortic and pulmonic valves. We provide two courses that cover second heart sounds, as described below.

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First and Second Heart Sounds

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Normal first and second heart sounds.

S1 and Split Second Heart Sound

Second heart sound splitting during inspiration

Normal Heart Sound Guide

Our auscultation guide provides information and examples of first and second hearts sounds. The guide pages provide waveforms with a moving cursor that is synchronized to the audio recording. In addition, listening tips are available.
Normal Heart Sounds

S2 Heart Sound Courses

This is a link to our short courses that cover second heart sounds.
Normal Heart Sounds
Second Heart Sounds