Auscultation Training by Repetition

As a supplement to our courses and reference guides, we provide repetition auscultation training. This training is available using short courses or quick lessons. Auscultatory repetition training has been used in the CardioSource Heart Songs CDs and in several for-fee software products. The effectiveness of this type of training was reported in CHEST in 2004: 'Mastering Cardiac Murmurs* : The Power of Repetition' by Michael J. Barrett, Carolyn S. Lacey, Amy E. Sekara, Erica A. Linden and Edward J. Gracely.

Repetition - Short Courses

These short courses serve as a supplement to our broader set of heart and lung sound courses and reference guides. By using repetition training, these courses help to build auscultatory observation skills. Use table of contents below to select a course or lesson.

Repetition Training - Basic Heart Sounds
This course uses the repetition method to teach seven important heart sounds. These are heart sounds worth remembering.
Lesson List

Repetition Training - Intermediate Heart Sounds
These seven heart sounds should also be mastered by medical professionals.
Lesson List

Repetition Training - More Heart Sounds
This heart sounds repetition training module is for advanced students and medical practitioners.
Lesson List

Repetition Training - Basic Lung Sounds
These are the six lung sounds which comprise our Lung Sound Basics course. This module provides the repetition training for building observational skills for lung sounds.
Lesson List

Repetition Training - Voiced Sounds
This intermediate module presents three different voiced auscultatory sounds in both healthy and abnormal variations.
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Repetition - Quick Lessons

Having a problem with a particular heart or lung sound? You can select a sound from the list below to receive a quick three minute training lesson.

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